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Can't Sleep?
Overheating effects sleep duration and quality


Our core body temperature drops each night as part of a healthy circadian rhythm. The drop in core temperature is very important as it is the bodies signal to initiate our deepest sleep cycle.


While many factors contribute to overheating, which can result in ongoing problems of disturbed sleep - your bed need not be one of them. Read our advice on the causes and cures for overheating in bed.


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The Solution?
K3 Gel


Many of us complain about feeling tired and unrested after a full night's sleep, what we really need to do is understand the technology that helps us sleep. Kaymed are the sleep technology experts and have innovated a solution to help ease your night time niggles.


The K3Gel mattress is expertly crafted to regulate your body's core temperature, while offering 3Dimensional support through the night.


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Heat Issues

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Pressure Builders

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