K3Gel and Kaymed



The coolest secret in bedding is truly out. Gel has been subject to rapturous news coverage over the past 12 months. While the major players have all launched Gel based brand and product innovations, the consumer is drawn to Gel’s values of comfort and coolness.  Kaymed, as pioneers in Gel component technology and production, can ensure your business is equipped to make the most of this major industry trend.

Our K3Gel has been expertly designed to optimise pressure and temperature relief. The K3Gel panels are sized for easy construction and transport. K3Gel cubes are wider than standard to improve heat dispersal and K3Gel comes with independent clinical studies which show it sleeps up to 3 degree’s faranheit cooler than standard foam mattresses. K3Gel is a superior technology with a superior consumer story. Contact us in 2012 to learn how Kaymed’s K3Gel can help provide the edge.

International Sales Manager Declan Reilly will be available to update further and discuss our products in more detail at the Heimtextil Exhibition, Frankfurt, Germany from 11 to 13 January. Contact Declan directly at dreilly@kaymed.ie