K3Gel and Kaymed

Kaymed, designers of K3Gel


Kaymed has been at the forefront of sleep innovation in the field of visco memory foam, being one of the world’s first to design FR compliant visco and to introduce V100 ultra high density visco. More recently, Kaymed introduced its K3Gel component range, an advanced comfort technology, patented by Kaymed, that delivers superior comfort for consumers and premium positions for the industry.  K3Gel is now available from Kaymed and is used by leading medical and consumer sleep product manufacturers worldwide. Finally, Kaymed is just about to launch a major new initiative to help people find their ideal bed. The MySleep programme helps fit different body shapes to the proper sleep surface. Using high-tech design, combined with leading academic research, this programme offers a completely novel and unique means of differentiating your offer at the retail point of purchase.