K3Gel and Kaymed

K3Gel™ explained in one article


K3Gel™ is a revolutionary therapeutic sleep system patented by the European based Kaymed company, namely us. K3Gel ™provides superior comfort and disperses pressure through its unique three dimensional cell structure. The unique network of K3Gel™ cubes, made from natural mineral oils, respond in 3 dimensions – upwards, downwards & outwards – to embrace your shape for body contouring comfort.

Internal K3Gel™ cells with tiny microweb™ surfaces create Airpockets which enhance air circulation, regulating your body temperature for unsurpassed sleeping comfort.

K3Gel™ is manufactured using a proprietary formulation for performance in medical and domestic sectors in Europe at Kaymed’s Irish manufacturing facility.  Kaymed has a heritage of over three decades in servicing the Irish and UK (NHS) hospital sectors and long term healthcare facilities with pressure relieving sleep solutions. Well renowned globally as a manufacturer of high density visco elastic, Kaymed is now at the very forefront of Gel sleep technology.



1 Pressure Relief

K3Gel™ flexes and contours to your unique body shape in 3 dimensions to relieve pressure points

and distribute your weight evenly. The cool sensation of K3Gel™ also helps soothe aches and pains in joints and muscles. This reduces the amount of times you toss and turn in your sleep – allowing a more peaceful and relaxed night’s rest.


2 Heat Relief

K3Gel™ works with your body’s natural temperature, cubed Airpockets allow heat to escape and enable fresher air to make contact with your body. This helps prevent overheating in Summer and combats chill in Winter for an all year round cool and comfortable sleep. In harmony with your body’s optimal temperature.


3 Humidity & Perspiration Relief

The K3Gel™ mattress is composed of tiny hollow K3Gel™ cubes. These cubes allow trapped heat

and moisture to evaporate away from your body. This reduces moisture, humidity and the

associated clamminess. By managing away moisture and humidity, your bodies inner coolant system does not work so hard, meaning you achieve deeper sleep and better rest and recuperation for the day ahead.