K3Gel and Kaymed

The Beatles Deliver Slumber to Stars


Reading interviews with well-known household names reveals a common problem for most; they just have the power to shout about it more. Rock stars live their lives on the go, touring and performing can leave them craving sleep. Take Gwen Stefani for example; “I don’t sleep. Last night was insane. By this morning I thought I was going to die from the tiredness.”


As a working mother, life for Gwen can be hectic; in an interview with the Daily Mail she revealed the difficulties each working mother has to tackle “It’s hard to get the balance right. The touring life is hard enough as it is. Doing it with a baby can be almost impossible.” In fact, in the first year of having a new baby, the parents can lose up to 600-750 hours of sleep, so the rest they do get is crucial.


That’s why Kaymed are delivering their new innovation to rock star venues across the country. The new innovation in sleep technology, the K3Gel mattress helps ease those aches and pains that have you tossing and turning in the night. Hot flushes and overheating are a thing of the past; it works with your body’s core temperature to ensure it’s always at the optimum.


Look out for the K3Gel celebrities delivering the mattress to venues near you soon.