K3Gel and Kaymed

Put a Price on Sleep


After conducting new research into sleeping patterns, and factors which affect the quality of a night’s sleep, the experts at Kaymed can reveal that 65% of those asked would pay up to £25 for an extra hour of sleep a night, and over 10% would pay between £51-£75.


These shocking statistics show how the British Public are becoming increasingly sleep deprived due to a number of reasons that have left them willing to invest in sleep if the option was available. Off the back of this enlightening research, Kaymed have innovated a new technology to help ease the night-time niggles that were highlighted in the survey to be the most common to disturb sleep.


Kaymed’s K3Gel mattress utilises 3Dimensional gel cube technology that offers the ultimate quality of support on parts of your body that can suffer from prolonged pressure through the night. It’s temperature neutral quality means the mattress works with your body’s core temperature to ensure it is always at its optimum.


To coincide with National Sleep-In Day, Kaymed are hoping to bring a better quality of sleep to the British Public, with their sensational K3Gel mattress.