K3Gel and Kaymed

Ground-Breaking Technology From Kaymed


Once again the experts at Kaymed have innovated ground-breaking mattress technology to improve the quality of sleep for people across the UK. Kaymed, who were founded in 1898, have always been forerunners in sleep technology, and are delighted to announce they are the first to utilise gel-cube technology which promises to revolutionise mattresses for years to come.


The K3Gel mattress is the first of its kind, and is composed of thousands of gel cubes which flex and contour to perfectly mould around your body to provide 3Dimensional support.


The full coverage of the K3Gel spans 65,000cm³ within the core of the mattress, encouraging healthy circulation and relieving pressure. The air pockets within the gel-cubes help the mattress to breathe, meaning that constant air flow keeps the mattress fresh. While circulating air, the gel also has a temperature neutral quality which means the body’s core temperature is always at its optimum.